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FluidXputter    "Best of all worlds"


When developing this very new precision milled FluidXputter, all the desirable benefits are taken in to account.



A non-corrosive material with a higher density is chosen, to be able to take away all the material,

not needed to provide al desired benefits; chrome-nickel steel. (1.4305 AISI 303)



We’ve created two lines, in two heights, to combine the right alignment with a proper setup.

Place the two lines in extension of each other and a proper setup is accomplished.

The slightest miss-alignment will immediately be noticed.The figure below is exaggerated to visualise the effect. 










The FluidXputter provides an adjustable head weight, to set it up for your personal preference or different green speeds.

To position this weight in the back also a higher MOI is created.


A higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) is created by a large front to back measurement. If a ball is hit off-centre with the FluidXputter, it actually keeps the putter straight and the ball nicely on line. To increase this effect the FluidXputter is face-balanced.



There’s only one roll; that is true-roll. True roll is that movement of the ball, agitated by a non-influenced pure stroke. Therefore the putter face is not provided with any pattern or insert.

The putterface has a loft of 3 degrees.



The FluidXputter comes with a single bend centered shaft to make the putter face balanced.

This means that the centre of gravity is chosen in a way that the face is exactly horizontal when balancing the putter on the shaft.



The counterbalance in the puttershaft prevents off-centre hits; it provides a more stable and smooth putting-stroke.


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